LiteFlexPACKAGING with PostConsumerRecycled plastic, mainly from household municipal waste!

Making plastic circular is about cooperation in the value chain, here with our partners Ecoplast and Borealis.

And it’s not just a lab case study because >30 Mio. packs are already out there circulating!

(Update June 2022: might be more than 100 Mio. packs in the meantime, targeting a PCR-share of 60% or even 80%.)

Using PCR is not a simple Drop-in solution. Not in terms of processability and certainly not with respect to stewardship. In contrast to virgin PE you can’t draw conclusions from well-known monomers.
We initiated a joint risk assessment with FMCG-customers and built up a game-changing database with thousands of lab-results covering hundreds of substances, with profound support from Ecoplast and Borealis.
Thus enabling PCR even for sensitive applications, using a hair thin circular packaging with reduced carbon footprint!” Cord Neemann, Joint Managing Director NEEMANN

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