The LiteFlexBagFillSeal is a pre-made bag for the automated packaging of hygiene items.

With more than 80%, the share of recyclate from post-consumer waste (PCR), obtained from mechanical recycling and thus the most ecologically advantageous form of recycling, is so far unmatched.

Frequently, the only option for PCR recyclates is downcycling in non-critical applications, which does not contribute to a true circular economy. In contrast, this product can be used in a sensitive segment (personal care, skin contact): the granules and foils are regularly checked for hundreds of supposedly critical substances. A large amount of data has already been created in the process, with which product safety can be statistically secured.

In addition, certified according to “Blue Angel UZ30A”, consumers recognize: This packaging conserves resources, here there is a verifiable limitation of pollutants. The certification according to RecyClassRecycledPlasticTraceabiltiy also proves that an auditor checks whether a PCR share of over 80% is actually achieved.

Furthermore, the product is up to 100% recyclable according to the German Mindeststandard. Optionally, the LiteFlexBagFillSeal can also be printed with a digital watermark: Based on the invisible, machine-readable code, waste sorting plants will in future be able to identify what material the packaging is made of, i.e. what ingredients are to be expected.

Optionally, renewable raw materials can also be used.