We produce light and flexible packaging that is optimally tailored to its consumer goods – for the long way from production via complex logistics chains, via retailers to the consumer, with the highest process efficiency, in a hygienically safe condition, with communicative and partially preserving additional benefits.

And with minimal use of materials: the films are often thinner than a human hair and only weigh 1-2 percent of the packaged consumer goods. LiteFlexPackaging can therefore hardly be beaten within environmental LifeCycleAssessments…

… but still to be optimized: That’s why we offer various EcoSustainOptions to make LiteFlexPackaging even more sustainable.

We produce LiteFlexPackaging as pre-assembled bags (LiteFlexBag) or as rolls that are formed, filled and sealed during an automated process at our customers’ site. (LiteFlexFormFillSeal).

We are happy to explain the numerous possible combinations for application and sustainability.

Examples are shown here:

  • A bag made with 20% less material compared to the previous version and at least 50% made from PostConsumer-recyclate. This way, the ProductCarbonFootprint (based on ISO 14067) can be reduced by 40%. When applying the RecyClass standard, it achieves a high recyclability of B ++. In order to be correct, we pay attention to the details: Do we talk about Cradle-to-gate or the entire life cycle, according to which standard should the recyclability be assessed?
  • Another example: In the right FFS column, we achieve a climate-neutral ProductCarbonFootprint by using mainly biobased raw materials. The high percentage of recyclability (e.g. in accordance with the German Mindeststandard, additionally tested for the entire EU) is made possible by a mono-material composition.
  • Incidentally, there are several variants of recyclates: mechanical, solvent-based or chemical as well as the feedstock options PIR (Post Industrial) and PCR (Post Consumer), the latter also of different origins: PostCommercial, PostHousehold, PostOceanWaste.
  • Complicated? We’re happy to consult and provide you with tailormade solutions
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