Digimarc – the almost unvisible code within the design

The machine-readable Digimarc Barcode can contain the same data as UPC/EAN symbols or carry similar information to QR and DataMatrix codes. Digimarc Barcode outdoes the rest by also communicating custom content to consumers’ mobile devices. Most importantly, Digimarc Barcode is a seamless element of the packaging artwork itself.


  • The waste sorting systems use the barcode to recognize more precisely than possible today, what material the packaging is made of, what ingredients are to be expected, etc. Mechanical recycling and the circular economy can be brought to a higher level.
  • Consumers scan the packaging and receive additional information / augmented reality-experience on the smartphone, in the correct language, with all preset preferences.

More info from the inventor and of course from us: We’re happy to provide you with advise, samples and not least packaging printed with Digimarc Barcode.