ISCC PLUS certified claims for ChemPCR or Biobased!

MassBalance becomes more and more important to accelarate the usage of raw materials from residues‘ or biobased streams.

But how can one rely on claims like: x % Bio-Based-Plastic or  x % Recycled Plastic?

And how can one be sure the solution complies with fundamental criteria of sustainability?

These are (alternative) versions of the ISCC on-product logo for the chain of custody option ‘mass balance’

The ISCC chain-of-custody certification approach implies that every element
along the supply chain is either ISCC certified or ISCC licensed. This way we
can assure that all ISCC requirements have been met and claims at the end
of the supply chains are credible and trustworthy.

ISCC is a multi-stakeholder organisation established in 2010 to support the
shift towards the circular economy and bioeconomy.

We have been initially certified in early 2021, successfully passed the re-certs in 2022 and 2023.