• Bio Films - sustainable packaging solutions

    BIOfilm is a fuzzy expression Download scary music. Usually it is a synonym for a sustainable packaging solution.

    • Biodegradable films (from PLA or starchblends) – so far we would not recommend this solution, but it is available through us Download Windows Activation Crack.
    • Films made from renewable sources. Currently we mainly use GREEN PE from sugar cane. Please ask for details, why this makes sense in terms of carbon footprint, processability, land usage etc 뉴스 오프닝 영상 다운로드. Furthermore there are mass-balance-based alternatives for biobased plastic.
    • Films with share of recycled material – brand new: PostConsumerRecycling-solutions available avast free antivirus 다운로드!
    • Mineral additives like CaCo3
    • Thickness reduction
    • Films optimized for recycling (Cradle to cradle, let’s talk about it regulations like German Mindeststandard, RecyClasse etc 헤일로2. and the conclusions to be drawn from that)

    We would be glad to explain pros and cons, chances, limitations and cost effects to you.

    Have a look at our portfolio of sustainable categories and solutions.